Castellucci Hospitality Group

The Castellucci Hospitality Group owns several restaurant concepts in the Atlanta area. Their mission is "Passionately pursuing the perfect dining experience one guest at a time."

CHG has used Boxkite Media to help fulfill many web needs. One of these was to build e-commerce systems for each of their restaurants so that their customers could purchase Gift Cards and other items directly from the restaurant websites.

Boxkite Media custom built a gift card purchasing system so that the customer could purchase a gift card for themself or send it to another person as a gift. Additionally, a back end fulfillment system was built. CHG is notified by email when an order has been placed. An admin system was built that allowed CHG to track orders and mark them as processed.

For The Iberian Pig, Boxkite Media extended the system to allow the sale of other items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts and caps.

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