Web Development

As the internet has evolved, it has become commonplace for businesses to want to extend their website's functionality beyond just an informational site. This is where Boxkite Media shines. Since 2006, Boxkite Media has been building web-based applications for many businesses around Atlanta and beyond.

When your website functionality needs go beyond text and pictures, Boxkite Media uses its multi-decade experience in building applications in order to give you and your users the experience that they are looking for.

Our process consists of several phases. Prior to the start of a project, we will assess your needs in order to devise a plan that makes sense for your project. Potential phases include:

  • Discovery Phase - In this phase, we will gain a full understanding of the project so that we can come up with a functionality requirements document, database schema, etc. At the end of this phase, we will have everything that is needed to develop the application and all parties will be on the same page as to what is to be expected from the project.
  • Design Phase - In this phase, graphical comps will be created. Iterations of these comps will go back and forth until a complete site design has been agreed upon.
  • Development Phase - This phase is where the site functionality is actually created. The design is merged with the functionality to create the application.
  • Quality Assurance / Testing Phase - Although testing will be done throughout the application development, once development is complete, a full test cycle will be run through.
  • Launch Phase - The website is launched!

Web Development examples:

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