Website Maintenance

Your website is outdated, underpowered and doesn't display properly for all site visitors?

Wait we've heard this before, let me guess:
Your brother-in-law or a friend built your website for free?
That college kid who made your site over the summer of 2008 is no where to be found?
The company you chose is now out of business?

It's probably turning out to be very expensive in the long run because he/she is too busy to update it for you. You don't have the access passwords or the knowledge to get the job done. Worse yet, you don't have the time to worry about it so you let that old, broken, dysfunctional site represent you on the internet.

...And you don't want to update content yourself instead of calling someone every time there is a simple change?

If this describes your current situation, call on Boxkite Media Services to help get your website on track. Since websites are what we do, we are dedicated, available and focused on your success. Boxkite Media works with you to make your website the efficient and robust business tool that it was meant to be.

We can take over your website maintenance and help you to regain the control you need, either by providing editing services or content management tools that are as easy to use as the word processor that you use every day. We can also provide ongoing support to help you identify better ways you can utilize your website to grow your business.

Stay fresh! We will help you keep your message current.

Website Maintenance examples:

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